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Though I love seeing films above many things, I also enjoy going to cafés and drinking nice looking coffee. I believe my coffee habit started once I began university, and come on why wouldn’t it with all those long nights, studying and whatnot. From there it just became sort of an obsession. I think all my friends know I love coffee and think I am slightly crazy about it. So basically I have some sort of caffeine at least once a day… maybe three, okay I should stop. There I said it.

So, as I am currently in Melbourne, a coffee capital it has become my journey to visit as many cafés as possible. How do I find them? Instagram of course! I think have about 6-10 on my list so far. Most of them are not even in the city itself but in the suburbs, so it is kind of fun to go out and explore.

I think my favorite so far has to be The Vertue of the Coffee Drink. It is a cute little place tucked away in an alley behind a gas station. I did not even find it the first time I ventured there but have been back many times since and will continue to do so.
A big reason I love this place is the atmosphere, it is bright, cozy and inviting. All of the staff are friendly and the food is enjoyable. And I love the coffee, oh the coffee is delicious, and has become my go-to even though I have to travel around 25 minutes to get there. I travel for movies so why not coffee as well?

I will not bore you anymore with my words, here are some images from The Vertue of the Coffee Drink!



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