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Today on this somewhat bright and cool fall day I had the pleasure of viewing an interesting film called Colossal. I knew this film was getting good reviews so I was interested, intrigued, and really just love films so there I was. Again I had not seen any trailers and just briefly peeked at a synopsis. I really only knew Anne Hathaway was in it and there was a monster in it. Little did I know Dan Stevens  (The Guest, Beauty and the Beast) was in it and that the film was actually pretty darn good. 

The film started off with a brief prologue of a monster showing up in Korea some 25 years earlier from some unknown event. Gripping, no? Carry on. 

The story gets going after this where the main character Gloria goes through a break up (from obvious problems), and moves back home, a place where the story really starts. 

I will not go into too much detail as the film is a must-watch, but I will say that the acting in the film was great and the story was pretty fun and original. There was no lull in the story, and everything was done in a way to make it as real as possible, as if this could happen in real life and it would be normal. That is probably why I enjoyed it. There was a possibility if reality. 

The troubles of the main character were real enough for people to relate to and connect with, as well as the small town setting. Who could not relate to a small town? Maybe lots of people, I am not sure.

Everything about this film just fit perfectly. It was not a typical film, and I definitely would not class it as a monster film. It plays out more like a drama with a little something extra. It kind of blends the two genres together so that a wider audience could be reached, and I was so fine with that.

I would kind of put this film into the category of one-that-came-out-of-nowhere because it is different but endearing and special, maybe not as special as when District 9 came out but I will not touch on that spectacular film 😁.

So overall. I enjoyed it. I got my moneys worth and think everyone reading this should watch it. Yes. You! 7.5/10 (I changed my rating system, teehee)



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