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Watching films in Oz…!

I am a film lover, anyone who knows me knows this fact. I go to a film any chance I get and in any place I am. I am also not afraid to travel to see a film that is not playing near to me. When I had lived in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, it was not uncommon for me to travel to Vancouver to see something amazing! The distance is not that far, admittedly, but it still proves that I will go anywhere to see a film.

As the title suggests I am currently in Australia, Melbourne to be exact, and I have seen about 5 films so far. I have only been here a month. This may not seem like a big feat, but considering that the film prices here are high, it is amazing. I also do not have a job, but I definitely make movie-watching a priority. And 2017 folks, is on its way to make me broke. Have you seen the films coming out this year?

To name a few: Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Thor Ragnarok, Despicable Me 2, Spiderman Homecoming. And that is just the Hollywood blockbusters.

I love most films and try to see a variety. I think my favorite setting for any film though would have to be outer space. I enjoy films about new planets, galaxies and space travel, subjects that really brings ones imagination forward to create a plausible and believe world. I also enjoy films set in the past, the clothes and language seem almost unreal, yet highly charming. And, I just had a great idea, if you put both together, wow, what a combination that would be. Okay, I am getting ahead of myself now. Back to my main point.

I love movies!

And I guess, there really is not much more to say. Ha!



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