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I have a choice of three films to watch today: Silence, Colossal, or Personal Shopper. (There are actually a few others but these are the main ones.) Which to see today? Should I choose based on my mood, the weather, or the rating? 

My mood, slightly melancholy yet upbeat. Though I feel as if I need something distracting and invigorating. Does that make sense?

The weather? Well it is currently cloudy with hints of sunshine, and will supposedly get to a high of 17 °C. Whatever that means as it is never usually right. I mean what I really want to know is if I need an umbrella or not.

As for ratings it goes like (from high to low): Colossal (76%), Silence (70%), and Personal Shopper (54%). I used the audience ratings on Flixster rather than the critics ratings as sometimes they are a little more accurate, sometimes. 

After looking at these factors there is still no particular winner. They all seem to kind of fit into the same catergory of genre and tone. Personal Shopper might not be a good choice, but Kristen Stewart is okay. I should think Silence would be a fit choice because well Scorsese. And Colossal? I do enjoy Anne Hathaway’s films as she has done a few great ones. I cannot choose!

Oh! Or should I go completely different and see Moonlight? Ha! The Best Film winner. Now this is a even tougher choice. Thanks. 




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