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A Man Called Ove

I went into this film with little knowledge. That really is how I enjoy my films, fresh and undiscovered, that oddly sounds like I am talking about food, great! But it really enhances the experience of a film. If you do not know anything about it, there is nothing to deter you from watching it. It makes perfect sense, maybe.

From the very first scene of this film I was enthralled. There is nothing flashy about it or overly exciting, it is how it is played out that makes it special. The story is seemingly simple and very easy to predict but that made no difference. It was done so beautifully and honestly that it made me cry a few times, okay more than a few, quite many!

The narrative switched from present to past to create a sense of depth for the main character, Ove, which in my opinion was quite heartwarming and tear-jerking. How could this be the same grumpy old man who threatens innocent dogs and motorists? (Does that not draw you I already?)

I will not say more about the film as to reveal any spoilers but this film absolutely got to me. At the end, I sat there for about 10 minutes just coming to terms with this beautifully crafted film. I had tears in my eyes and knew I had just seen my new favorite film. I am not a big watcher of foreign films but this was a gem. Even though I could not understand anything that was actually being said, it was like I knew exactly what they were saying just from how it was acted. The mixture of comedy and drama is what makes it appealing. There was just enough of each to make it come across in just the right way, and in my case that was to make me: laugh, cry and feel oh so happy with glee. I highly recommend this film to everyone. If you want a simple story with high impact this is the one for you, it is not a Hollywood film and does not try to be. It is a little film with an emotional punch. So I think… 5/5.



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