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Though I love seeing films above many things, I also enjoy going to cafés and drinking nice looking coffee. I believe my coffee habit started once I began university, and come on why wouldn’t it with all those long nights, studying and whatnot. From there it just became sort of an obsession. I think all … Continue reading

La La Land

So, the first time I had watched this was on a plane, on my way to Australia. I fell asleep. Was it boring at the time? Maybe. Was I too tired to finish watching? Most probably. And to be honest it really did not engage me at the beginning. Sure it was fun and there … Continue reading


Today on this somewhat bright and cool fall day I had the pleasure of viewing an interesting film called Colossal. I knew this film was getting good reviews so I was interested, intrigued, and really just love films so there I was. Again I had not seen any trailers and just briefly peeked at a … Continue reading


I have a choice of three films to watch today: Silence, Colossal, or Personal Shopper. (There are actually a few others but these are the main ones.) Which to see today? Should I choose based on my mood, the weather, or the rating?  My mood, slightly melancholy yet upbeat. Though I feel as if I … Continue reading

Watching films in Oz…!

I am a film lover, anyone who knows me knows this fact. I go to a film any chance I get and in any place I am. I am also not afraid to travel to see a film that is not playing near to me. When I had lived in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, it … Continue reading

A Man Called Ove

I went into this film with little knowledge. That really is how I enjoy my films, fresh and undiscovered, that oddly sounds like I am talking about food, great! But it really enhances the experience of a film. If you do not know anything about it, there is nothing to deter you from watching it. … Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I am going to be the first to say that I probably was one of the few to enjoy this film. It had everything I could want, Mr Darcy and decent action. A Jane Austen world mixed with zombies? Bring it on! One could not ask for a better combo, well in my opinion. I … Continue reading