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Midnight Special

I absolutely loved Midnight Special. There was something about it, one single moment, a single image that made me feel like a kid again. My imagination felt alive, like this was a real possibility. That if this happened right now I would totally believe it. There was nothing fancy about this film,well except for the special kid, but it was so well done and simplistic. Not that it wasn’t complex but there wasn’t a moment where I thought “Man they are really trying.”

And I am not sure why I am actually saying anything about this film. I do not like reviewing films but I just loved it. There might have almost been a tear of “Wow I think this is really wonderful.” There has only been a few films that have struck me in that way and it deserved me sitting there after the film to just process it.

I didn’t read to much about the film beforehand as I feel there are too many times when things are slightly spoiled and you know to much before you view it. I only knew my favorite actor was in it and I usually see most of his films. And that guy from the (new) Star Wars was in it, and General Zod too!



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