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Eddie the Eagle

Earlier today I thought I should see a movie. So I decided why not see it in a theater that is like 30 mins away. Road trip!

The film I had decided on seeing was Eddie The Eagle, and I loved it! It was a nice feel-good movie about an underdog, and who does not love those. It was nice seeing it in an unfamiliar place surrounded by strangers, it makes it more enjoyable.

The film itself was great. The acting was believable and Taron Egerton (who played the titular character Eddie) was really into his role. And you do not really need to say much about Hugh Jackman as he is amazing in every role he does.

Most of the movie takes place outdoors which I imagine is pretty difficult to film in especially since it was mostly in a snow environment, so they did a great job at creating realistic shots and showing beautiful landscapes.

I did not know the story going into the film but I found it very entertaining. Was it an accurate portrayal? I don’t know. But it was a fun watch and I was never bored, so that was a definite plus.

I am not really trying to review this film, but just pointing out things I was thinking about during it. I really love watching films and sometimes like to talk about them, so be warned!




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