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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I am convinced, wholeheartedly, that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was fantastic. Going into this film I was kind of unsure about what was really going on, having not read the comics to accompany said icon, but at the end I loved it. There was no point during the film that dragged on or seemed like it should not be there, it was all pieced together seamlessly and purposeful. The tone from the very beginning was that of a spy thriller drama with lots of shield-to-face action. I particularly enjoyed the early fight scene between Cap and GSP, wow! There was pretty good character development as well, as we got to see more of the Black Widow and her interactions with Captain America. It is nice to see that there can be some normalcy within a world completely changed by the invasion of aliens, which happened, but not in this film.

On a side note, I had the pleasure of viewing this pretty great film in IMAX 3D, which in my opinion is the only way to see any Marvel film. One needs to be able to see everything happening on screen. I love great sound and nice visuals, the 3D aspect was not that bad either. I am not really a fan of films converting to 3D in post, as it was not meant to be in 3D. But that is just me.

Overall I think I would rate the film 8.0/10. It did what it was intended to do, entertain and make us want more. Brilliant.


Though I am not really a reviewer-reviewer of films, I still like writing about films. Mostly I will just write about what I think, maybe tidbits, all in no particular structure. Thanks for reading if you can understand what I am actually trying to say!



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