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… it has definitely been quite a while since I have been on here. I guess I almost forgot that I even had a blog, but here it is!

I have recently become more interested in Canadian films and have watched a fair few in the last year. I enjoyed watching Picture Day (starring Tatiana Maslany) as part of Shot in the Dark – Langley Film Nights. It is a nice treat seeing film set in places that seem familiar and not overdone, as there are so many films out right now filmed in Canada, but are set in different countries. Just last month I had the pleasure of seeing No Clue, starring Brent Butt, a film set entirely in Vancouver! It was such a fun movie, with great humor and a story that was familiar yet strangely fresh, perhaps it was the old school detective feel with Canadian inspiration?

Another film I have yet to see is Downriver, though I have heard it was fantastic. It would be nice if it was playing in more theaters besides just one which happens to be a little far away, though I have been known to travel a distance to see something awesome.

The creepiest film that I have seen in recent weeks would have to be In Fear. I had no idea what the film was about but decided to see it as part of Cineplex’s Sinister Cinema Series (which is kind of neat by the way), and yes, creepy it was. The story itself was pretty cool, the acting okay, but the way the film was shot was probably the biggest seller for me. The close quarters filming made it easy to be scared of what might be RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Good. That was a fun little post. Cheers!




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