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Again… Endgame – Please SAVE!!!

After having watched the season finale of Endgame “Deadman Talking”, it made me sad to realize that this wonderfully crafted show was cancelled and not returning for a second season. The episode was beautifully executed, with all the characters having a major part in the story. The demise of Gurjit was sad, but done thoughtfully. And Shawn Doyle‘s portrayal of Arkady Balagan never ceases to amaze me. I forget he’s not Russian. And for there not to be a second season, just seems senseless. There cannot be a great story played out over 13 episodes to be left on a cliffhanger with no one knowing how Arkady dealt with being on the outside and him finding out his fiance was murdered. There’s just a little too much to cope with and there being no explanation. It does not seem right to end a show when it was just getting good.

I might have said this before in the previous post, but I enjoy good Canadian film and/or television. It’s sad that a show that is purely Canadian, with great Canadian talent to not be given a chance to grow and to have international appeal (although there is much interest from fans around the world who want to see it saved). So again to help out a fantastic television series, please go to:


Sign the petition. Please?



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